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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lunch Order Guidelines

PAC Sherwood Charter School
Here are some very helpful guidelines for ordering Baja Fresh and Subway lunches. Thanks to Brenda Carlson for being willing to be in charge of this!

#1-PLEASE always take your order forms and payments directly to the office.  You can either hand them directly to Cindy or leave them on her desk.  The #1 cause of missed lunches is students giving orders to teachers or putting them on teacher desks.   The teachers are so busy when kids come into the classroom and they just don't have the time to keep track of lunch orders and due dates. Orders get lost in the paperwork shuffle for several days or weeks and kids end up with no lunch.

#2-Please do not call the store at the last minute and ask them to send a lunch for your child.  This happened with Panda Express recently and the store was nice enough to send a lunch, but we have no paper trail regarding who ordered and no payment has been received, though we still got billed for the lunch.  

#3-Please pay attention to due dates on order forms.  Baja Fresh is due by 10:00 am the Thursday PRIOR to the lunch week.  Panda Express has a due date on the bottom of the order form. Subway forms need to be turned in by Thursday at carline, the week prior to the lunch week. If you miss a due date but would still like to order, please contact me.

#4-Payments for Subway and Panda Express can be cash or check made out to Sherwood Charter School PAC, Baja Fresh payments are made directly to Baja Fresh.

#5-Each lunch program is a fundraiser for our PAC.  Subway gives us .50 for each sandwich ordered.  This year so far, we have earned over $200 from Subway lunches alone.  Baja Fresh gives us 7% back on what we order and Panda Express gives us .50 for each order, plus an additional 7% by letting us pay with scrip!!

#6-If at any time, you have questions regarding any lunch program please feel free to e-mail, text or call me.  Please do not call the stores directly.  If I can't fix something on my end, I will give you contact information for the person at the store who runs the program for us. 503-267-5168

Thank you,
Brenda Carlson

PAC Sherwood Charter School / Author

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