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Kids First

Sherwood Charter School PAC

The easy SCS PAC giving program that skips the door-to-door
As you may know, SCS receives only 80% of the funds that other Sherwood District schools receive. Of that, 8% goes toward rent and utility costs other schools don’t have. Your donation helps span this gap as together we support what matters most: A well-rounded, rich, and diverse learning environment for our kids.

What is Kids First?

A simplified fundraising program that helps address the 20% funding gap Sherwood Charter School faces every year. You make a direct donation to the SCS PAC, eliminating the need for a barrage of door-to-door sales activities.

Are Kids First and PEF the same?

Kids First (KF) and the Program Enhancement Fee (PEF) have a shared goal to benefit SCS. They are not the same, nor are they competing efforts. Both are important in making SCS go. Here are the key differences:

KF: A fundraiser by the PAC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with the flexibility to help the school in a number of ways, including things outside what the school might otherwise budget for. Your contribution to Kids First is tax deductible (PAC Tax ID# 20-3718301).

PEF: A fee paid directly to SCS to support enrichment activities like field trips, PE equipment, art supplies, and musical instruments.

How are the funds used?

Kids First is what it says, a total focus on benefiting our kids. While that can take many forms, here is the commitment:

The funds raised are used to help deliver a high-quality, well-rounded education at SCS.

The PAC Board, which includes all parents and guardians of current SCS students, votes on how the funds are distributed and a teacher liaison helps us understand the needs of the educators.

Who can contribute to Kids First?

Anyone can! While we may not have our kids out peddling cookie dough and popcorn tins to our family, friends, and neighbors, we can still ask our family, friends, and neighbors to contribute. And it's tax deductible for them too.

Does your employer have a charitable matching program? That's another great way to increase your contribution to Kids First. If you need any information from the PAC for your employer program, please contact the PAC Officers at

How much do I contribute?

We’re a community and we’re all in this together. With H.E.A.R.T. as our guide:

Our 2017-18 goal is $20,000. An ideal contribution per child is $200.

We honor and support that $200/child can be a challenge, so the main message is: Give what you can. And remember it doesn’t all have to come from you.

How do I contribute?

Anyone can donate to Kids First online using PayPal. This method allows you to use the debit or credit card of your choice and also allows you to set up recurring payments.

You can also contribute via check or cash. Mail or hand-deliver your donation to:

21370 SW Langer Farms Pkwy, Suite 142, #437 - Sherwood, OR 97140

This is the UPS Store in Sherwood. We recommend hand delivery if making a cash donation.

Make checks payable to SCS PAC.

If it works better for you to spread out your donations throughout the school year, you're welcome to make multiple check or cash donations. Please include a note letting us know if your check or cash donation is your sole donation for the year or if you will be making multiple donations. Alternately, feel free to print and include the bottom portion of the Kids First Flyer. This helps the PAC Officers forecast how much effort we will need to put into outreach throughout the year.


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