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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Results of the PAC End-of-Year Survey

Sherwood Charter School PAC
Thank you to everyone who filled out the PAC survey! It is so helpful, especially for next year's officers who will be busy planning over the summer. Here are the results out of the 12 responses we gathered:
Forms response chart. Question title: How satisfied are you with the PAC?. Number of responses: 12 responses.

(Note: 1 was very dissatisfied and 4 was very satisfied)

Feedback on fundraisers (summary):
Parents thanked the volunteers for organizing
Pies were priced too high.
Read-a-thon site was not working
Improve communication after the fundraisers for feedback on how it went, to help the families see their impact.
Electronic instant payment app like Venmo would be helpful.
Liked the Red Berry Barn and Mudpuddles fundraisers for supporting local business.
Thank you to Nora Stuckey's mom for being an awesome wreath maker over the years
Too many fundraisers, would rather make a 1-time donation.
Read-a-thon was confusing, on what the student was supposed to do
Would like more feedback for donors for Read-a-thon so they can see results of total monies raised.
Middle school kids can do a car wash.
Read-a-thon was a good idea, library is enjoyed
Parent commenting on "tuition" being raised and still asked to donate/fundraise. (Roxie's note: Possible misunderstanding on what PAC monies are for/where they go, which is not to the school for operating expenses but for PAC programs & events, and sometimes material support to the school.)
Forms response chart. Question title: Our wreath makers have retired. This has been the biggest tradition and largest revenue maker as a PAC fundraiser. Do you think we should find a new wreath source or do something different?. Number of responses: 12 responses.

(Note: 1 is very dissatisfied and 4 is very satisfied)

Forms response chart. Question title: Have you ever used or volunteered for these PAC services?. Number of responses: .

(Aww, thanks everyone!)

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