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How PAC Board Meetings Work

Sherwood Charter School PAC

Who is a member of the PAC Board?

All parents and guardians of SCS students are automatically part of the PAC Board. You don't have to sign up or do anything in addition to having a student at the school to participate in PAC Board meetings.

When does the PAC Board meet?

The PAC Officers convene meetings of the PAC Board once a month, September through May. Special meetings can also be called if there is there are items that need to be addressed between regular monthly meetings.

When and how are decisions made?

PAC meetings typically involve updates on upcoming PAC-sponsored events and other timely information about the school. Occasionally, there may also be agenda items that involve an official vote, such as certain expenditures of PAC funds or the election of PAC Officers.

Per PAC Bylaws, votes are conducted orally unless a PAC Officer or Board member specifically requests a vote by ballot. Each PAC Board member (i.e. each parent and guardian) is allowed one vote in any matter brought to vote.

How do I find out about PAC Board Meetings?

Here's a schedule of all 2018-2019 PAC Board Meetings.

You can also find PAC Board meeting announcements through our Facebook Group.

In addition, a meeting notice will be sent to all PAC Board members a minimum of three days in advance, informing you of the day, time, and location of the meeting. That will typically come out from the school in the "Thursday Email."


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