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Monday, October 6, 2014

Uberthons Video of Sherwood Charter School

PAC Sherwood Charter School
This is a video from our Fun Run last year! What a great group of teachers, staff, students and parents we have!

Scrip- A great way to pay for fees!

PAC Sherwood Charter School
Now that our Kids First Donation Drive has been kicked off, here is some information that could help you earn money to pay those fees!

It's time to begin our scrip program for the year.  If you are not familiar with scripscrip means 'substitute money.'  This money comes in the form of gift cards from retailers who agree to give a % back to non-profit organizations. The great thing about this program is that you are not buying anything you wouldn't normally buy, but you get a % back!  
For example, if you normally shop at Safeway and choose to buy a $100 Safeway gift card, you write a check for $100.  Safeway has an agreement via scrip to give 4% back, so $4 of your $100 stays in your scrip account.

The Sherwood Charter School PAC allows parents to earn money via scrip, which is tracked and can be used to pay your students Program Enrichment Fees.  This year, the PAC has agreed that money earned can also be used to pay your Kids First Campaign fees.

This year, we need all participating families to sign the attached 'scrip program agreement' and return it with your first order.  

Our first order will be next week Monday, October 6th.  We run a national/online (Great Lakes Scrip) and a local/paper form (Tigard Tualatin school district) program.  You will find details about both programs attached on the FAQ page.

Attached, please find helpful information including:

*a scrip order calendar for Oct-Dec.
*a FAQ page with details about scrip, how to pay, where to pay and how to get your cards
*a profits essentials page that gives a detailed example of how easy it is to earn money
*a current order sheet for our Tigard/Tualatin program
*scrip program agreement-this must be filled out and turned in with your first order

If you have any questions about scrip, feel free to contact me.  I'm even happy to meet with you one on one to walk you through the process.

Brenda Carlson

Kids First Donation Drive

PAC Sherwood Charter School
Dear Sherwood Charter School Parent,

It has been 11 years since Sherwood Charter School was established. Many great things have been accomplished in these beginning years that are evident through various outcomes.

Sherwood Charter School Success
Sherwood Charter School proudly touts many accomplishments that include consistently receiving high levels of evaluation from the Oregon Department of Education and continues to maintain high test scores. The Leadership Academy has established and demonstrated high expectations of scholarship; respect and performance resulting in almost zero behavior issues and success rates in the core knowledge areas that are largely unmatched. In addition they have had a wide variety of electives. The result of all these successes is the waiting list of 80 students hoping to enter our school to benefit from these types of programs.

Due to the nature of the financial structure of charter schools fundraising is a pivotal requirement. The following are some facts about our school budget.  

Budget Gap Explanation
*Sherwood Charter School only receives 80% of the state funding received by Sherwood School District. $260,000 was the amount that was not received by Sherwood Charter School for the 2014-2015 school year.
*In addition, the district receives other funding that we also do not receive.
*Unlike the District Schools, part of our 80% must cover our facility expenses, which costs $100,000, taking another 8% out of our budget.

Kids First Donation Drive
We are asking every family to donate at least 25% of the budget gap, which is $275 per child, this upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Instead of bombarding you with countless fundraising events throughout the year we simply ask you to send in a check.  Here is a break down of the per student budget gap:

$275 = 25% $550 = 50% $825 = 75% $1100 = 100%

Financially supporting Sherwood Charter School is an essential part of our responsibility as its parent body. WE NEED MONEY!  We ask that you give as much as you can with confidence that all of it is goes right back to the programs that benefit your child(ren).  If there is absolutely no way for you to participate financially, we do have a volunteer program set up as an alternative way to contribute to the school. Please contact a PAC board member if you need to access that program.  

Thank you for your wonderful generosity and for being an important part of keeping Sherwood Charter School strong.


Sherwood Charter School PAC Board

Your donations are entirely tax deductible.  A letter from the PAC will be sent to you in January for your tax records.

If your company will match your donation and you are planning to enroll in that program please
1. make your check to: Sherwood Charter School and
2. email the PAC so we know to expect that format.

There are various ways to pay the donation…

Check made to: SCS PAC Payment Amount $__________________
Pay Pal – The Pay Pal button is on our PAC Blog at:

Together we can make Sherwood Charter School the absolute best educational opportunity for our children available.  With your generous donation we can make it happen!!



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